For all children from 6 years!

Would you like to play music or dance together with other children? Then do it with our freestyler
Project 2018 with!


The program lasts three months, is FREE and has no further obligations. After the three months you can see if it's fun and if you want to continue. The aim is to be able to participate in a spectacular performance in 2018, integrated in the show of the Diamond Cadets, at the German Open in Hameln and at the European Championships in Kerkrade in the Netherlands. As a special highlight, we will even be participating in a drum corps competition in England with the Diamond Cadets.

It is not necessary that you can already play an instrument or dance already. You just have to bring a lot of interest and enthusiasm. Instruments and equipment are provided by the Blue Diamonds.

Do you wish to join?

Then log in to:

Marion Groß on the phone number 0172/133 81 56,
or by email at: director@blue-diamonds.org