About us

The Blue Diamonds Drum & Bugle Corps is a nonprofit and recognized as a particularly eligible youth organization, which deals with the practice and promotion of modern brass band. Following the American model, music and shows are combined in performances and competitions. A combination of sports and music probably explains this special style of music best.
The Blue Diamonds are a well-known and popular youth organization in Nienhagen and the entire region, where playing an instrument can be learned as well as taking on responsibility in a large community.

For almost 35 years, the Blue Diamonds have been participating in parades, festivals and competitions throughout Europe as one of the few German Drum & Bugle Corps. Performances in Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands have already achieved considerable success. Regular participations in German, European and World Championships are just as much a part of our activities as appearances at the Chancellor, on radio and TV appearances until the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monza or parade of the drivers at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Everywhere the Corps proved to be an outstanding ambassador of the region or of Germany.

The Blue Diamonds consist of five divisions


The Blue Diamonds Drum & Bugle Corps

The Maincorps consists of many young enthusiastic musicians, who do a lot for their personal development through their ambition and their diligence. In countless rehearsal hours and weekend camps, new shows are rehearsed each year under expert international guidance, in order to then show what they have learned in many international competitions and performances. The stories about the club would fill books, so many beautiful success stories have been written here. But even in difficult times, the club is always together. Discipline and perfection were always the secret of success and should continue to be the guarantor for a successful continuance of the group in the future. The greatest success is the construction and operation of its own music center in the industrial park Westfeld in Nienhagen. As a result, the Blue Diamonds have every opportunity to perform their hobby undisturbed and focused. Only in the field of outdoor exercise is still room for improvement. The Blue Diamonds Drum & Bugle Corps was founded in 1984 in Nienhagen. In the history of the interested reader finds more details about the club and its career.

Diamond Cadets

The Diamond Cadets is the Junior Corps of the Blue Diamonds. Children who are between 8 and 14 years old and interested in music and dance learn here under expert guidance an instrument or the handling of the elements of the Color Guard. Youth attendants and trainers look after the children during training, performances, sports, leisure and events. The young musicians are provided with instruments and uniforms by the association. In addition to regular practice sessions during the week, practice weekends outside Nienhagen will also be held to prepare the children for performances and competitions. The fun is of course always in the foreground. Since 2014, the children participate in German and European championships. It could be achieved several championship titles and vice-champion titles. In Europe, with a 5th place, you are in a good position for further success.

Blue Diamonds - Drum & Bugle Corps Germany

Diamond kids

If kids are younger than 8 years old, then they are just right with the Diamond Kids. Here, among other things, much emphasis is placed on the various forms of music and dance, development of tact, - and rhythm feeling, music theory and many more things. The rehearsals take place in a fun group of children of the same age group and are led by a lecturer who gives an interesting and exciting lesson. So there is a lot of fun and it never gets boring. At the Diamond Kids the children get to know all instruments of the Blue Diamonds. As a solid pillar of the club, the kids are integrated into the Diamond Cadets group of competitions and play an important role in the shows by filling in tonal or show-technical gaps. They are responsible for the success of the Diamond Cadets.

Diamond babies

In a specially designed room suitable for toddlers, the musical early education of the newest section of the Blue Diamonds takes place. With instruments, singing and dancing, toddlers get a sense of rhythm and musicality. An important step in the life of a small child and for us the little diamonds of the future. Once a year, toddlers perform on stage at the indoor festival.

Diamonds Supporting Association eV

The Friends of the Blue Diamonds was founded in 2003. The independent association has made it its mission to support the corps financially and ideally. Many support members help us with their contribution or with one-off donations. The executive committee of the association works hand in hand with the board of the corps and supports the Blue Diamonds actively in all activities and events. Help and helping hands are always needed here.